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Xero - Switch Campaign FY18

Each year Xero runs a large scale out of home national campaign that encourages those currently not on Xero, to come on board.

This year we chose to focus our creative around "the difference a year makes" while profiling four small businesses who switched to Xero this time last year and have had some amazing results since.

Phase One -
Make next financial
year different

Our campaign has three phases, the first phase is short and sweet. We're reminding small business owners that financial year is coming and maybe it didn't go all that smoothly last year with not enough time for their personal or family life because they were doing their accounting manually or on another platform. But on Xero your next financial year can be different.

This stage of the campaign was purely paid social for Facebook and Twitter.


Our second phase is the chunky one, We're showing small business owners the achievements others have had in the last year since switching to Xero. The creative uses photographic treatment to profile the small business owner with their achievement while the illustrations elude to both the achievement and future dreams the small business has.

This phase included billboards, adshels, mallshels, newspaper ads, Google banners, social media (including Facebook canvas) and two video case studies too support the out of home outputs.

Phase Two -
See the difference
a year can make

RKArtboard 6.png

The new financial year is upon us, and now's the time to switch to Xero so you have more time for yourself, your family (or your business if you'd like). Our small business owners are back and have their illustrations coloured in as their dreams came to fruition from phase two.

Phase Three -
Make next financial
year different


NZTE - Various Works

New Zealand Trade and Enterprise is New Zealand's international trade department, building New Zealand businesses "bigger, better, faster" for the benefit of New Zealand.

These are various works I completed during my time at NZTE, the first is a workbook for a 3 day internal conference for our leaders, the second is an annual report and the third is a conference workbook for an external event for Better by Design - a service NZTE offers to customers.


Massey University - Stream Redesign

Massey University's College of Creative Arts takes hundreds of students each year through their creative studies.

To do this the College of Creative Arts (CoCA) uses Stream, a open source learning management system powered by Moodle. This redesign looks at making Stream much more enjoyable for staff and. students to use through both additional functionality and UI.


just a few doodles!

aliseArtboard 2.png
aliseArtboard 3.png